About ExamJet

ExamJet is a test and knowledge assessment software. It helps universities or other educational institutions handle thousands of student assessments simultaneously.

It has all the necessary features to prepare, conduct and assess tests in your exam center.

ExamJet Components #

ExamJet contains the following components:

  1. Questions
  2. Students
  3. Tests
  4. Analytics

Component dependency on each other #

Some components are dependent on another one but others can work independently.

ExamJet component dependency

For example, the Questions and Students components have no dependency. You can create question banks, and edit questions and scenarios without any hustle. Also, you can edit student-related information and move them into different groups freely.

But, the Tests component needs the information from the Questions and Students component to create and publish the test. Therefore the Tests component depends on the information stored there.

And, lastly, the Analytics component collects information from all other components and provides reports and insights.

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