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Say goodbye to the test-making hassle!

ExamJet makes it simpler than ever for educators and training professionals to assess their students’ knowledge.

Our comprehensive platform takes care of everything – from building questions to crunching results – so you can focus on teaching them best.

No more manual test grading!

ExamJet is designed to make it easy for you to create assessments and quizzes quickly and accurately. With its intuitive interface, you can set up questions with different types of answers in minutes.

ExamJet also ensures every question has the right difficulty level, so students get the challenge they need to grow in their knowledge.


Get started today and give your students the best education they deserve!

We want every student to get the most out of their education—and that’s why our platform is designed with them in mind. Our intuitive interface makes it easy for teachers to assign tasks and track progress, while real-time analytics provide visibility into student performance.

Our student tracking tools let you observe each individual’s development over the course of the semester, allowing for personalized instruction that helps them reach their goals.

When grading time comes around, you’ll be surprised! We automate evaluations, freeing up your time to focus on providing valuable feedback to each student on their progress.

ExamJet Demo
ExamJet Demo

Get the maximum of using ExamJet as a service

  • Access to the latest features and updates as soon as they’re released
  • Freedom from IT headaches – finally have someone else worry about keeping your software up to date!
  • No need to install anything or worry about hardware compatibility

Core Features

Manage Question Banks

Question Banks make managing and storing thousands of questions easier and more efficient than ever before. Not only can you categorize each question, but also save all associated data with it in one convenient location.

Manage Student Groups

Organize students according to their preferences and needs, or by organization structure. This can help with assigning quizzes, tracking progress, and analyzing results. Students may be added to any number of student groups.

Publish Tests

Make the test available to the public, and set desired options and time limitations. Combine multiple question banks and student groups, select the proper grading scale and define the test-availability period when publishing.

Analyze Results

Test analytics provides real-time data, Use it to modify teaching practices, pinpoint areas of improvement, and identify successful interventions.

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