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ExamJet makes it simpler than ever for educators to assess their students’ knowledge.

ExamJet is the perfect solution for educational institutions and universities looking to streamline their assessment and knowledge processes. You’ll be able to handle thousands of student assessments daily with real-time insights and data analysis.

ExamJet is dedicated to creating an interface that optimizes accuracy and stability for even the most intricate testing structures.

Get ahead in the classroom today with ExamJet!

Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

ExamJet is revolutionizing the way educators and training professionals can assess student knowledge.

We offer a simple, holistic assessment tool accessible from any device. Automated grading makes tracking progress throughout the semester easy, allowing staff to focus on coaching rather than grading.

Our innovative performance dashboard allows staff to quickly understand exactly how their students are doing at a glance and drill down into complete insights as needed.

Education professionals will never have to worry about manual grading or data silos again.

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Puts Focus Back Into Teaching Where It Truly Belongs

ExamJet is the perfect platform for managing a classroom. With all-in-one question banks and easy result analysis, teachers no longer have to worry about assembling test materials or deciphering results.

Spend more time on teaching and less time stressing over paperwork with ExamJet!

Every classroom can be managed seamlessly with multiple customizable options and streamlined group management features.

Whether you need to get your materials ready quickly or want data insights instantly, ExamJet is the surefire solution.

Try it, and you’ll see why we say that ExamJet takes care of everything.

Create Intuitive Assessments

ExamJet Has You Covered

ExamJet provides an excellent solution for those looking to create quizzes and assessments with the utmost accuracy.

At ExamJet, we understand the importance of personalized learning experiences. That’s why we strive to ensure every question on our platform is at the right difficulty level for each student.

With us, users can handle being overwhelmed and not challenged enough.

If you need structured tests or polls set up, but don’t want to spend all your precious time tinkering with technical details, then ExamJet is an excellent option.

What Can ExamJet Do For You?

Assign Tests and Track Progress

At ExamJet, we take immense pride in our mission to help students make the most of their educational opportunities.

We understand just how important it is for students to have a platform that enables them to learn and grow, which is why we’ve designed ExamJet with that goal in mind.

Our intuitive interface allows teachers to assign tests and track progress quickly and easily, while real-time analytics provide invaluable insight into student performance. All this ensures that users of our platform can achieve their learning objectives in the most effective manner possible.

Track results

Work on Personalized Instruction

ExamJet works as a fantastic tool that helps teachers keep track of each student’s progress over a semester. With this insight, teachers can give personalized instruction based on what each student needs to grow and stay on track toward their academic goals.

ExamJet enables teachers to understand better where each student is on any given day, ultimately allowing for even more effective instruction and learning.

With ExamJet, teachers no longer have to guess or assume the best way to teach- they can quickly assess where their students are in their learning journey and deliver the most effective form of education accordingly.

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Full Quiz Management Control

ExamJet provides an ideal exam center workflow system tailored to meet your needs. You can access complete quiz management control and detailed reporting with ExamJet.

This critical information helps you to maximize efficiency and allows supervisors to get an accurate read-out on how each test-taker performs on specific exams.

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to build custom reports using ExamJet analysis tools and graphical presentations.

Using these resources, you will possess an improved understanding of their participant performance data which can be used to create a more effective overall strategy within the testing environment.

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Save Your Time When Assessing Students

ExamJet is a powerful platform for streamlining the process of creating and administering assessment tests.

Our clients benefit from automatic strategies that save time and eliminate errors – reducing the tedious work required to create question banks.

Furthermore, security is one of our top priorities, which is why all data is stored within a safe, fully encrypted environment.

With ExamJet, you can efficiently manage educational assessments with peace of mind knowing that the student’s data is secure.

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Efficient And User-friendly Interface

ExamJet is the perfect platform for educators looking for ways to help their students achieve their goals. ExamJet provides efficient and user-friendly tools to facilitate assessment, tracking, and grading.

Our mission is to equip educators with all the essential tools they need to foster success in their students.

As a teacher, it can be intimidating knowing where to start when helping your students reach their full potential, but we’re here to support you every step, from quizzes and exams to progress tracking and grading.

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Automated Evaluation System

ExamJet is here to make your life easier during grading periods! With our automated evaluation system, you can save time and concentrate on giving each student the personal feedback they need to improve.

Who knew that setting aside your red pen could help you better serve your students’ learning needs? No more sifting through paper-based tests or manually entering scores – ExamJet takes care of it for you.

With its automated grading capabilities and personalized feedback options, a nonstop marking situation could be transformed into an enjoyable learning experience.

Isn’t it time to make exam taking and grading smoother than ever before?

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Quality Educational Assessment Solutions

At ExamJet, we are passionate about creating the highest quality educational assessment solutions that are reliable and innovative. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart from the rest and enables us to remain a leader in the field.

We want our clients and customers to trust our process, so we take every measure to ensure accuracy, effectiveness, and dependability in all of our systems.

Additionally, our team constantly pushes innovation boundaries and provides exciting new features that lead the way in educational assessment solution technology.

We strive to make sure ExamJet remains an industry leader for years to come.

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Get The Maximum of Using ExamJet as a Service

  • Access to the latest features and updates as soon as they’re released
  • Freedom from IT headaches – finally, have someone else worry about keeping your software up to date!
  • No need to install anything or worry about hardware compatibility

Manage Question Banks

Question Banks make managing and storing thousands of questions easier and more efficient than ever before. Not only can you categorize each question, but also save all associated data with it in one convenient location.

Manage Student Groups

Organize students according to their preferences and needs, or by organization structure. This can help with assigning quizzes, tracking progress, and analyzing results. Students may be added to any number of student groups.

Publish Tests

Make the test available to the public, and set desired options and time limitations. Combine multiple question banks and student groups, select the proper grading scale and define the test-availability period when publishing.

Analyze Results

Test analytics provides real-time data, Use it to modify teaching practices, pinpoint areas of improvement, and identify successful interventions.