How tests are delivered to students in ExamJet

Publish Tests in ExamJet

Make your test open to the public with specified preferences and time restrictions. By blending multiple question banks and student groups, you give yourself the flexibility to select a grading scale that suits your course objectives and to decide when the test should be available for students to take it.

This way, accuracy, and control can be maintained in one efficient process.

Core Features

  • Tests will have a specific grading system. And with that right grading system, you can easily provide the grades students are looking for and ensure they’re completely accurate.
  • Putting Time restrictions on your tests will ease your burden and keep students focused and on task when trying to get work done promptly.
  • Plus, you can blend multiple question banks and student groups, giving assignments more flexibility since all questions don’t have to be the same for everyone. As a result, each person can have their own unique experience that still meets educational standards.
  • Therefore, these strategies are essential tools many teachers use now to give students the best learning opportunities available.