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Top 8 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins For 2023


Quizzes have become a powerful tool for educators, website owners, and marketers looking to boost user engagement, gather valuable insights, and improve their online presence.

The right WordPress quiz plugin can transform your site into an interactive learning hub or viral content hotspot.

With so many options on the market today, we’ve narrowed down the top 8 best WordPress quiz plugins for 2023 to help streamline your decision-making process.

Key Takeaways

  • WordPress quiz plugins can greatly enhance user engagement, gather valuable data and insights, and improve the overall user experience on websites.
  • The top 8 best WordPress quiz plugins for 2023 include Thrive Quiz Builder, Quiz And Survey Master, Formidable Forms, Quiz Maker, Poll, Survey & Quiz plugin, Woorise, ProProfs Quiz Maker, and Quiz Cat.
  • Each of these plugins offers unique features such as customizable templates and themes, automatic scoring for quizzes or forms, and real-time results reporting with Google Analytics support integration with CRMs like Salesforce to optimize marketing strategy.
  • Depending on individual needs and budget limitations it is important to compare each plugin’s pros/cons before choosing the best WordPress quiz plugin that will help engage one’s audience effectively.

Why Add Quizzes To Your WordPress Site?

Adding quizzes to your WordPress site is a great way to increase engagement, gather valuable data and insights from your users, and enhance their overall experience.

Increased Engagement

Increased engagement is one of the primary reasons educators and teachers should consider adding quizzes to their WordPress sites. Interactive quizzes encourage visitors to spend more time on the site, leading to higher user satisfaction and better retention of information.

By using a carefully designed quiz plugin, you can create captivating quizzes that challenge your students’ knowledge, stimulate their curiosity, and foster critical thinking.

Imagine using trivia or personality quizzes as supplementary materials for your online courses or educational blog posts – not only will these interactive resources hold your students’ attention for longer periods but also serve as conversation starters among them when they discuss results on social media platforms.

Valuable Data And Insights

Quizzes can serve as an effective means for collecting feedback on your teaching methods or course materials – helping improve both learning outcomes and overall user satisfaction over time.

The insights gathered from quizzes can be utilized to create personalized experiences for each student; thus promoting active participation and increasing their likelihood of achieving success.

Enhanced User Experience

Quizzes can help transform your WordPress sites into powerful learning tools that not only pique students’ curiosity but also encourage them to explore new ideas and concepts.

A well-crafted quiz takes into consideration individual learners’ needs and preferences, creating a personalized experience tailored to each student.

For example, incorporating different types of questions like multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank encourages active participation from users who learn in various ways.

Adaptive quizzes that adjust question difficulty based on previous responses also add another layer of customization for learners as they progress through the material at their own pace.

Top 8 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins For 2023

In this section, we will introduce the top 8 best WordPress quiz plugins for 2023 that can help you create engaging quizzes and boost user engagement on your website.

Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder is one of the top-rated quiz plugins for WordPress sites. It allows you to create engaging quizzes quickly, including personality tests, complex quizzes with right and wrong answers, this or that style quizzes, and much more.

One significant advantage of Thrive Quiz Builder is its ease of use; it features a drag-and-drop interface that requires no coding skills.

The plugin also offers customizable templates and themes to match your brand’s look and feel.

Thrive Quiz Builder

With Thrive Quiz Builder, you can track results using Google Analytics, making it easy to analyze data on quiz takers’ preferences and behavior.

Quiz And Survey Master

Quiz and Survey Master is an excellent free WordPress quiz plugin that provides educators and teachers with a wide range of customization options and support for different question types.

Quiz And Survey Master

This plugin allows you to create unlimited quizzes, personality tests, trivia games, surveys, forms, and more for your website visitors.

One essential feature of this plugin is its ability to send automatic emails with quiz results to the taker’s email address through integration with email marketing services like MailChimp.

Formidable Forms

With automatic scoring for education-centered tests and personality or viral/BuzzFeed-style quizzes, Formidable Forms stands out as one of the top 8 best WordPress quiz plugins for 2023.

This intuitive plugin provides an easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop features to enable users to create fully customizable quizzes tailored to match their website’s look and feel.

Formidable Forms

Quiz Maker

This plugin comes with a drag-and-drop interface that enables teachers to create different types of quizzes such as multiple-choice, open-ended, and true/false questions easily.

One of Quiz Maker‘s key features is its ability to track quiz results and provide detailed analytics on quiz-taker performance.

Poll, Survey & Quiz

Poll, Survey & Quiz is an excellent WordPress quiz plugin for educators and teachers looking to capture valuable data and insights from their audience.

The plugin offers multiple question types, including multiple-choice, open-answer, and rating questions.

Polls are perfect for situations where you want to gather quick feedback from your audience or engage them in a fun activity.

One great thing about the Poll, Survey & Quiz plugin is that it allows for custom scoring based on correct answers if you’re using the quiz feature.

This means that once participants complete the quiz, they will receive instant feedback on how well they did based on their scores.


It is an all-in-one plugin that combines form and quiz-making needs into one place, making it easier for educators and teachers to create quizzes with compelling visuals and engaging content.


One excellent feature of Woorise is its ability to allow users to embed quizzes outside their WordPress sites quickly.

Students can also share these quizzes on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter with just a click.

ProProfs Quiz Maker

ProProfs Quiz Maker is an ideal solution for educators who want to create engaging quizzes that are both informative and fun for their students.

The automated grading feature saves time, while the question pooling option helps prevent cheating by randomizing the questions and answers each time someone takes the same quiz.

Additionally, ProProfs Quiz Maker provides advanced reporting and analytics features, allowing educators to track student progress and performance metrics effectively.

Plus, it integrates seamlessly with CRMs like Salesforce so you can keep track of leads generated through quizzes.

With customizable resources like logos and completion certificates, this plugin is perfect for creating interactive quizzes tailored specifically to your brand or institution’s needs.

Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat is a plugin that allows educators and teachers to create unlimited quizzes with drag-and-drop functionality. It offers various customizable options, including font styles, colors, background images, and the addition of multimedia elements like videos.

In terms of pricing, Quiz Cat has both a free version and a premium version.

The free version has basic quiz creation functions while the premium version includes additional features such as lead generation forms and more advanced customization options.

Quiz Cat

Features, Pros, And Cons Of Each Quiz Plugin

To better understand the features, pros, and cons of each quiz plugin, let’s take a closer look at them in an advanced table format below.

Quiz PluginFeaturesProsCons
Thrive Quiz BuilderDrag and drop builder, A/B testing, email capture, social sharing, analyticsEasy to use, robust features, great for lead generationThe highly customizable, top-rated free plugin, extensible with premium add-ons
Quiz And Survey MasterMultiple quiz types, custom scoring, email notifications, analyticsFree version available, beginner-friendly, simple, and clean designLimited design options in the free version, some users report compatibility issues
Formidable FormsQuiz creation, surveys, form builder, reports, integrationsAdvanced features require a premium plan, the steep learning curve for some usersAdvanced features require a premium plan, steep learning curve for some users
Quiz MakerUnlimited quizzes and questions, multiple quiz types, email notifications, analyticsFree version available, easy to use, extensive customization optionsPremium features can be expensive
Poll, Survey & QuizReal-time results, multiple choice questions, shortcodes, responsive designSimple and easy to use, real-time results, lightweight pluginWide range of features, powerful marketing tool, easy-to-use interface
WooriseQuizzes, giveaways, contests, forms, integrations, analyticsThe free version has limited features and requires a subscription for full functionalityFree version available, beginner-friendly, simple, and clean design
ProProfs Quiz MakerMultiple quiz types, templates, data security, analytics, integrationsIntuitive interface, robust security features, great for educational useNo free version, pricing can be expensive for some users
Quiz CatMultiple choice quizzes, unlimited questions, social sharing, random question orderFree version available, beginner-friendly, simple and clean designLimited features in the free version, customization options may be insufficient for some users

How To Choose The Right WordPress Quiz Plugin For Your Site

To choose the best WordPress quiz plugin for your site, consider your needs, determine your budget, research the plugin’s specifications, look for a reputable developer, and compare features, pros, and cons before making an informed decision based on your individual needs.

Consider Your Needs

Before choosing a WordPress quiz plugin for your website, it’s important to consider your specific needs and goals. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  1. Quiz types: Different quiz plugins offer various types of quizzes, such as multiple-choice, personality tests, trivia quizzes, and surveys. Consider which types of quizzes will be most relevant and engaging for your audience.
  2. Customization options: Some quiz plugins allow for more extensive customization than others. If you have specific design or branding requirements, look for a plugin that offers the flexibility you need.
  3. User restrictions: If you want to restrict access to your quizzes based on certain criteria (such as age or location), make sure the plugin you choose offers these capabilities.
  4. Budget: Some quiz plugins are free, while others require a premium subscription or one-time fee. Determine how much you’re willing to spend before making a decision.
  5. Integration with other tools: If you use specific tools like Google Analytics or email marketing platforms, make sure the quiz plugin integrates with them seamlessly.
  6. Support options: Look for a plugin that offers comprehensive support documentation or even customer support if you anticipate needing help setting up or troubleshooting issues.

Determine Your Budget

When choosing the right WordPress quiz plugin, you need to consider your budget. Some plugins are free while others require payment for their premium version.

For those with a higher budget and looking for advanced features, Thrive Quiz Builder is an excellent choice at $299 per year. It offers branching logic, A/B testing, badge builder, and more.

However, if you’re on a tighter budget or prefer a customizable and highly-rated option, Quiz and Survey Master is a great choice.

In summary, determining your budget is crucial when selecting the best WordPress quiz plugin for your needs as it can impact the available features and customization options.

Research The Plugin’s Specifications

It’s important to research a WordPress quiz plugin’s specifications before making a decision. Look for features that match your specific needs and goals, such as the ability to create complex quizzes with branching logic or integration with Google Analytics for tracking user engagement.

Consider how each plugin handles user data privacy and security, especially if collecting sensitive information like personal details or quiz results.

For example, Quiz And Survey Master offers advanced options like timed quizzes, question groups, and conditional logic for custom feedback based on answers.

In contrast, Formidable Forms is an all-in-one form solution that includes powerful quiz-building capabilities and can integrate with popular email marketing platforms like Mailchimp.

Look For A Reputable Developer

A reputable developer will provide reliable customer support, and ongoing updates, and will ensure that the plugin works effectively with your website.

Be sure to check out reviews and testimonials from other users to determine if the developer has a good track record of providing quality plugins.

One example of a reputable developer is Thrive Themes which offers the premium quiz plugin Thrive Quiz Builder.

The company is known for its high-quality products and outstanding customer support.

Compare Features, Pros, And Cons

In this section, we’ll compare the features, pros, and cons of the top 8 best WordPress quiz plugins for 2023 in a detailed table below, which will provide you with a better understanding of each plugin and help you choose the right one for your site.

Thrive Quiz BuilderComplex quizzes, branching logic, A/B testingPremium features, user-friendly interface, responsive designFree, highly rated, customizable
Quiz And Survey MasterCustomization options, multiple question typesQuiz functionality is not as robust as dedicated quiz plugins, a premium version is required for advanced featuresQuiz functionality is not as robust as dedicated quiz plugins, a premium version is required for advanced features
Formidable FormsQuiz creation within form builder, various question types, conditional logicFlexible form builder, versatile, free version availableComplex quizzes are not available, a premium version required for more features
Quiz MakerMultiple question types, quiz templates, results trackingAdvanced features require a premium version, limited customizationComplex quizzes are not available, premium version required for more features
Poll, Survey & QuizPoll, survey, and quiz creation, question types, data reportingMultiple options in one plugin, easy to use, free version availableMostly focused on marketing quizzes, limited free version, the premium required for advanced features
WooriseQuiz creation, embeddable forms, integrations with email marketing toolsResponsive design, user-friendly, integrations with marketing toolsLimited question types and advanced features require a premium version
ProProfs Quiz MakerQuiz templates, scoring, feedback, reportsEasy to use, quiz templates, professional appearancePaid only, limited customization, more suited for internal quizzes
Quiz CatQuiz creation, multiple choice questions, unlimited quizzesFree version available, simple quiz creation, responsive designLimited question types and advanced features require a premium version

Make An Informed Decision Based On Your Individual Needs

Choosing the right WordPress quiz plugin for your site can be a daunting task, but it’s an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

To make an informed decision based on your individual needs, you should consider several factors.

First and foremost, you need to identify what type of quizzes you want to create and what features are essential for achieving your goals.

Secondly, budget is always a crucial factor when choosing any WordPress plugin.

Thirdly, research each quiz plugin’s specifications carefully before making any commitment.

Lastly, don’t forget about developer reputation when selecting plugins.


In conclusion, WordPress quiz plugins are powerful tools that can boost user engagement and enhance the overall website experience.

In this article, we have shared the top 8 best WordPress quiz plugins for 2023. Whether you’re looking for a free plugin or are willing to invest in premium options such as Thrive Quiz Builder and Advisor Quiz – there is an option to fit your needs.

Remember to consider your goals when choosing which plugin works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some of the benefits of using quiz plugins for WordPress?

Quiz plugins can help increase user engagement on your website, improve lead generation efforts by capturing valuable data from site visitors, and provide a fun and interactive experience that encourages users to stay longer on your site.

2. How do I choose the best quiz plugin for my WordPress site?

The best quiz plugin will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Factors to consider when making a choice include ease of use, features offered, customizability, compatibility with other plugins or themes, and customer support.

3. Can I create quizzes without any coding knowledge using these plugins?

Yes, most of these quiz plugins come with user-friendly interfaces that allow you to create quizzes without needing any coding knowledge whatsoever! You can easily set up various types of questions including multiple-choice options with different weighting systems based on correct answers versus wrong ones.

4. Will these quiz plugins slow down my WordPress website’s speed?

It is important to note that adding new plugins can affect your website’s page load times if they aren’t optimized properly – however, many modern-day developers keep this in mind while creating such tools – hence choosing one among the top 8 mentioned in our list should not have a significant impact on performance if configured correctly). Additionally – implementing caching mechanisms alongside heavy-duty images/videos etc (or better hosting plans) could be recommended depending upon how much content you plan to share through quizzes downline so as not to cause undue burden on server resources, especially during peak usage hours/seasons where traffic spikes occur more frequently than usual.


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