How to manage students in ExamJet

Manage Student Groups in ExamJet

It’s essential to ensure that all students receive the ideal educational experience and that their individual needs are considered. To do this, teachers should sort them out according to their specific preferences or by organizing them in a certain structure.

This type of categorization not only allows for more accurate monitoring of the student’s progress but also contributes to more efficient results analysis.

Additionally, forming multiple student clusters enables an even greater degree of efficiency, tremendously benefiting instruction delivery and learning outcomes.

Core Features

  • Grouping students according to their individual needs and preferences or by organizational structure can be beneficial in many ways.
  • Firstly, this approach offers students a sense of connectivity and makes it easy to teach them the same curriculum, meaning they can learn from each other’s questions and topics.
  • Additionally, it allows instructors to tailor activities based on their students’ needs – ensuring learning is both meaningful and rewarding.
  • This further encourages collaboration needs among students, which helps build team-building skills.
  • In addition, using an organizational structure to assign individuals into groups provides a sense of structure that might help boost student performance.

Grouping individuals based on their needs and preferences or by organizational structure can create a positive learning environment and make it easy for teachers to focus on learning instead of asking thousands of questions separately for individual needs.