Analytics and Reporting in ExamJet

Test Analytics in ExamJet

Test analytics can be invaluable for teachers. It provides quick insights so that you can adjust your teaching methods immediately after exams.

Test analytics highlights where adjustments need to be made and help reveal which interventions have been effective – two vital tools for any educator looking to give their students the best information possible.

By utilizing test analytics, you can provide immediate education feedback, lowering stress and increasing engagement in the classroom.

Core Features

  • Test analytics can be incredibly beneficial for institutions in many ways.
  • Using data from previous testing experiences and predictive analytics, you can become more organized and efficient with your test-making skills.
  • This process can help identify systemic weaknesses, measure the overall performance of personnel and products, create trend reports for better forecasting of operations costs, identify areas that need further investment or improvements, and recommend strategies to increase the efficiency of students.
  • Moreover, reporting allows teachers to assign assignments and quizzes precisely where they are needed, leading to a seamless workflow that optimizes efficiency while driving maximum value from every available resource.